Client Agreement


Any Term or Condition may change or be added at any time without notice.

By placing an order with Salmon Creek Outfitters, Inc. (SCO), the Client agrees to all Terms and Conditions listed herein.

Please contact SCO if you have any questions about the Terms & Conditions. (360) 334-0879

Order Completion

Please allow a minimum of 14-days for your order to be completed. Upon completion of your order, SCO will inform you (via the eMail address provided by the Client) when your order will be available for pickup, delivery or shipping.

Rush and Late Charges

RUSH fees are usually charged when a client request their order be completed within 48-hours. SCO is not in the practice of charging for RUSH ORDER requests. However, some of SCO's vendors do charge for RUSH ORDERS. In the event that a RUSH fee is imposed by a vendor, SCO will “pass through” the charge to our client. 

Freight and Delivery Charges

IN-COMING VENDOR FREIGHT: SCO has limitless apparel offerings from our many apparel suppliers (vendors). All in-coming shipping charges from our suppliers are ‘passed-through’ to the clients who order the apparel. HOWEVER, Clients who order $325.00 of blank apparel, or more, receive FREE IN-COMING VENDOR FREIGHT.

LOCAL DELIVERY: SCO offers delivery service for $8.00 to our local clients within a 20 mile radius.

Payments and Fees

SCO does not offer financial payment terms at this point. All orders require payment in full at the time of order placement unless other payment arrangements have been made. We offer the following payment options: Cash, Check, and All Major Credit Cards (See “CREDIT CARD PURCHASES").

LATE FEES: A Late fee of 3.5% or $25.00 (whichever is greater) will be charged for each month an invoice is not paid in full. Salmon Creek Outfitters does not offer financial payment terms, so all late invoices must be paid within 60-days. The Client agrees to pay ALL FINANCIAL RECOVERY CHARGES incurred by Salmon Creek Outfitters to balance the Client’s overdue account.

NSF CHARGE: In the event of a “bounced check”, SCO will impose an additional $30.00 NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Charge to the original invoice amount. NSF Charges along with the Invoice total shall be paid in full via Credit Card (See “CREDIT CARD PURCHASES") or Cash ONLY.

CREDIT CARD PURCHASES: All Credit Card payments attach a ‘Convenience Fee’ of 3.75% for processing of Client credit card payments.

Sample Program

BLANK APPAREL SAMPLES: SCO gives you access to limitless apparel and accessory brands. So if there’s a specific piece you want to see, simply purchase a sample at regular price and return it within 14 days in ‘out-of-box’ condition for a full refund. Shipping, handling, and restocking charges apply.

EMBROIDERED SAMPLES: SCO clients can also order a single embroidered sample for $15.00. Embroidery sampling is a non-returnable and non-refundable option. Due to the costs involved in all other embellishment processes, SCO DOES NOT offer sampling for any other embellishment services.

Screen Printing Charges

SCREEN USAGE CHARGE: All materials used in the creation of screens for the purpose of screen printing remain the sole property of SCO. The screen usage charge covers the labor and chemicals used in the process of creating screens for screen printing. All screens are reclaimed and re-tensioned to assure print quality for future printing.

No Return | No Refund Policy

All customized or wholesale orders placed with SCO are final. Each item is a custom item produced for the Client or Customer and produced per the Client’s individual specifications as outlined on the receipt. The Client is responsible for ordering the proper specifications (Example: Size, Color, Spelling, Placement, Design Elements, etc.) of each item based on the Client’s request as outlined on the Client’s receipt and provided Composite Art. The Client is responsible to make sure ALL elements of their design are included in the composite proof prior to production.

SCO shall not be held responsible for any wrongfully produced elements that were verbally approved by the Client that do not appear on the composite proof.

Retail purchases may be exchanged within 3-days of the receipt date for items of equal value, or, the value may be used toward the purchase of items of greater value. We do not allow refunds.

Design Policy

ACCEPTABLE ART FILE FORMATS: Adobe Illustrator, EPS & PDF created from a vector application. All other formats may be subject to design charges.

COLOR MATCHING: The apparel industry and it's manufacturers are vastly diverse with their dying processes. Though inks can be mixed to match, embroidery thread is extremely more limited to the color options available. It is ultimately the responsibility or our clients to provide accurate information pertaining to their corporate image. SCO, Inc. recommends that our clients obtain and maintain clear concise color information about their logo from their graphic designer and we will make our best available recommendations to match your corporate colors.

SCO, Inc. uses the Pantone Matching System Ink Formula Guide (PMS) as the industry standard for matching ink colors for all disciplines of printing techniques.

SCO, Inc. uses the Madeira Embroidery Thread Color Guide for selecting thread colors. Though Madeira is a leading manufacturer of embroidery thread and matches their dyes as closely as possible to the PMS Guide, Madeira does not guarantee exact matching or availability of all PMS colors.

DESIGN OWNERSHIP: All design images are the exclusive intellectual property of SCO with full proprietary rights and may not be used, reproduced, or distributed in any form or with any process without prior written release authorization from SCO. To greatly reduce the price of original designs, SCO offers a “Design Usage” charge when items are ordered for embellishment. Clients have the opportunity to purchase the ownership rights to the design for an additional design “Buyout” charge.

DESIGN USAGE OPTION: SCO offers a design usage fee for clients who are requesting embellishment services in addition to needing an original design. In this option, SCO retains the intellectual property rights of the design and the client benefits from using that design without a huge design charge.

BUYOUT OPTION: This option is for clients who have requested design services from SCO, or wish to own the full intellectual and proprietary rights to the design created by SCO. The Buyout Option price is based on a multiplier of four-times (4X) the actual design price.

Buyout Calculation: (Hourly Design Rate X Design Time = Design Price) X 4 = Buyout Price

Contract Embellishment Agreement

Salmon Creek Outfitters will embellish Client Provided apparel under the following conditions;

  1. The apparel is a brand we are unable to source directly.
  2. The apparel is new.
  3. The Client understands that SCO is not responsible for refunding the cost of the apparel or replacing apparel items damaged during the embellishment process.
  4. All apparel must be delivered in 'package condition' (All buttons and zippers closed). Garments not delivered in package condition will be charged a .50 cent per garment handling fee. 

Promotions & Discounts

Salmon Creek Outfitters, Inc. official promotions can only be redeemed independent from all other promotions or discounts.

Salmon Creek Outfitters, Inc. official discounts can only be redeemed independent from all other promotions or discounts.

SCO clients may choose to utilize the official promotion or discount with the greatest savings.

Change Order Request

A ‘CHANGE ORDER REQUEST’ MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO PRODUCTION OF EMBELLISHMENT. The Client understands that additional charges may be incurred for a ‘Change Order Request’. Any additional charges will be approved by the Client prior to the ‘Change Order Request’ being produced. The Client understands that any items purchased or services rendered prior to the submission of the ‘Change Order Request’ shall be paid by the Client.

A ‘Change Order Request’ can only be submitted by email to: Trina@SalmonCreekOutfitters.com or Randy@SalmonCreekOutfitters.com 


If a Client does not receive confirmation of their ‘Change Order Request’, it is the responsibility of the Client to contact Salmon Creek Outfitters, Inc. by the above listed emails or by phone at (360) 334-0879.